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At The Move to Amend Revival, April 2013

At The Move to Amend Revival, April 2013

What’s happening? Good question. After almost three years since conception , the DFR is taking time to reflect and reorganize.

Founding director, Kevin Bott, ran for the office of mayor here in Syracuse on the Green Party ticket this fall. Amazingly, the Greens only knew Kevin from his work in DFR, and felt his knowledge of the issues, and ability to articulate them to a wide audience, would make him a compelling candidate.

Just after the election (where, by the way, Kevin had his top hat handed to him, so to speak), our home base at the Grace Episcopal Church suffered a tremendous fire. While the church wasn’t destroyed, we remain — as of April 2014 — displaced during repairs.

Lucky for us, we found a second home at the wonderful Southwest Community Center and we’ve been trying to get ourselves back in gear. From the looks of things, though, the Revival won’t be reviving until Autumn. It’s painful because as the McCutcheon v FEC decision shows, we’re not taking it easy because democracy is suddenly looking healthy and rejuvenated! We’ve got work to do, people, and we’ll be back just as soon as we’re able!

The plan for 2014-15 is to devote the entire season to the issue of inequality in Syracuse — in all its many forms. We’re looking to partner with organizations tackling inequality in our neighborhoods, in our schools, in our economy, and anywhere else in the city. We’ll be working closely with these partners to identify mutual goals and to create the content for our Revivals. And then we’ll be working together after the Revivals to understand and assess how well we’re achieving those goals. By the end of the season, DFR hopes to have helped develop a stronger network of community leaders poised to take action toward making social, cultural, political, and economic equity a reality for all our citizens!

Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in joining us — as a community partner or as a performer — ┬áleave a comment here or contact kevin@dreamfreedomrevival.org

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