DFR in the News

21 Feb

Recently, The D.R.E.A.M. Freedom Revival held a performance and dialogue in collaboration with the Ida Benderson Seniors Action Group. Learn about the event and the causes it promoted from this news coverage.


“Former Ida Benderson Senior Center Members in Syracuse and political theater group Dream Freedom Revival took the stage at Grace Episcopal Church over the weekend. They expressed the need for a new senior center in downtown Syracuse. WAER’s Valerie Crowder has more…” Click here to listen to the audio.  

The Stand

In “Don’t Close the Doors on Them Just Yet,” The Stand’s Natalie Caceres reports on the “jovial, quirky and message-heavy performance.” Here’s a snippet from the article:

For Mary Carr, 64, who’s a member of the Ida Benderson Seniors Action Group and was a regular face at the center before it closed, she hopes that through events like these the eventual goal of bringing back the center will become actualized — and quickly.

“You took our freedom away again from somewhere comfortable,” Carr says about what the closure meant to her and others. “This event helps to let people know that we are not gone and we are still looking for a place to go.” Although the center closed more than a year ago, she’s hopeful that soon they’ll have a new place to call home.

Mary Carr (left) speaks about the Ida Benderson Senior Center during DFR’s Feb. 16 event. Photo by Joe Rial.

Thanks to Valerie and Natalie for covering the event, and to everyone who attended!

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