9 Jan

273040_284707868306686_368990414_oImagine if you will, Ebenezer Abernathy, the lanky, moustachioed freedom fighter hailing from Syracuse, New York. He is wearing modest but tight-fitting, 19th century athletic gear. He is in the meeting hall where the much-anticipated January 9th Freedom Revival is to take place, putting on as good a game face as might be hoped for from any lanky, moustachioed song and dance man.

His thinking turns to pacing, which in turn turns to jogging, and then, like Ichabod Crane if Ichabod Crane were a prizefighter, you might imagine his larger-than-life silhouette projected upon the wall as he makes his preparations to the soaring strains of an inspiring medley by John Philip Sousa and Meredith Wilson*. He is working up a sweat, getting ready to whip himself and his famed band of musical liberators into an inspirational, educational, activational frenzy!

In the shadows of the hall, he shadow boxes the forces that would relegate The People to the sidelines of History! He is ducking the corporatization of government! He is weaving from the homogenizing and destructive forces of neo-liberalism and global capitalism! He is bobbing away from the privatization and commodification of the natural world and of the common spheres where people might come to deliberate upon and decide upon their own shared fates and futures!

Ebenezer is jabbing back with some Community! He is throwing a sharp hook of Inclusiveness and Equality! He’s connecting with a body shot of Enthusiasm and Song! And he finishes with a wild, barely controlled Left-Right combination of Freedom and Justice for All!! (Oh Yes, with Two (2) Exclamation Points!!)

Oh yes, my friends. If you think you can handle it. If you think you’re ready for a Freedom Revival the likes of which you’ve likely never seen or heard before, then come join us tonight — January 9, 2013 — for The D.R.E.A.M. Freedom Revival’s “What’s Your New Year’s ReVolution?”¬†

Coffee! Tea! Hot Cocoa!

Free of Charge. Grace Episcopal Church in Syracuse. 7:30pm. Coffee! Tea! Hot Cocoa!

*Google it.

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