Two Grassroots Theater Performances This Week in NYC!

2 Oct

As anyone following this blog knows, The DFR is putting up its tent revival for freedom and democracy this Saturday night at The Performance Project @ University Settlement. 184 Eldridge St., in NYC. (See previous post for promo video and (cheap) ticket information.)

I also want to mention that I’m part of a grassroots theater performance this Friday night in NYC involving formerly incarcerated men and women. One of the pieces – A Ritual for Return — is once I conceived of and directed as part of my doctoral research at NYU. If you’re in the city, come to 66 W. 12th St, Tishman Auditorium @ The New School. The 90 minute event is free and open to the public.

Here’s the Reentry Theater Flyer with more information.

And here are….

Two very recent WBAI radio interviews — here and here —  about DFR, Imagining America, prison theater, and theater for democracy. (my part comes in at about 39:30 and 31:30, respectively.)

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